How to Write a Synthesis Essay

A synthesis essay is a discussion in essay form which specifically makes use of more than one source. This emphasis on multiple sources is to show your ability to see relationships between the different styles of sources you might have. It is simply a step up from the normal synthesis that takes place in your mind at all times – between teaching styles, books, your memories versus other people’s, and so on. Doing this in a synthesis paper is simply doing it with academic sources, in an accepted way that makes logical sense to anybody who is reading it.

According to writing experts essaybasics there are two types of synthesis essay that can be written, an explanatory synthesis and an argument synthesis. The explanatory synthesis is there primarily to help people understand a topic more effectively. Explanatory synthesis on a subject will divide the topic up into smaller bits, and lead the reader through the essay in good order. Explanatory synthesis is not focused solely on arguing a point, but instead is focused on explaining the ideas behind the essay. An argument synthesis, on the other hand, is one which focuses on arguing a side, and presenting your own particular ideas as part of the ongoing discussion.

A synthesis essay is one which is very formal in the way that it is set up. It always introduces the audience to what is going on in the introduction, and it always makes sure that every paragraph is introduced in an orderly fashion, with the argument proceeding in a way which helps people to properly understand what is going on. Having the essay set up in this fashion means that it is much easier to learn how to write these types of essay, which can make the entire process a lot easier for anyone who is new to them,